Intel QX3 and Ubuntu 14.xx

Just an update on old equipment.  From my now college bound son’s bedroom junk box, there sat an old Intel QX3 digital microscope.  Well with a little reading on the internet, it has new life on Ubuntu 14.04.

The good news.  It works out of the box.  However, if you want to use the top/bottom lights at anything above 10 power, just activate “v4l2ucp” after gettin “Cheese” or “Camorama” up and running.

Basic info from a forum.

Canoscan Lide30, Linux, USB 3.0

My son has a new laptop (Alienware 14 v2014) and it only has USB 3.0 ports.  His Canon LIDE 30 scanner doesn’t work, or isn’t recognized.  Well, search and debugging, we figured out a work around.

A few things that may or may not help.

1. sudo install -d –m 775 -g scanner /run/lock/sane

2. add a /etc/udev/ruled.d

2a. find out the vendor id and product id of your cannon scanner. > lsusb  or try scanimage -L

3. new file sudo vi /etc/udev/rule.d/99-libscan-canonscan-lide30.rule

4 contents to be.

ACTION!=”add”, GOTO=”label_end”
SUBSYSTEM!=”usb_device”, GOTO=”label_end”
ATTRS{idVendor}==”04a9″, ATTRS{idProduct}==”220e”, ENV{libsane_matched}=”yes”

5. reboot and plug in scanner.

6. before trying to scan anything or starting a program run “scanimage -L”

7 start up your scanning program.  He uses Gimp, I use sane.

Mileage may vary, but we find this work around just fine.


October 2013 –

Lots going on and plenty of it closed does.  However, moving library catalogs from SydneyPlus to MarcXML and then Marc is a good session of coding.  It can be achieved very easily, but there are the workplace limiters in place. So while moving data is easy, using coldfusion without read-only access to the library catalog is a challenge.  More with basic scripts to come.

Assisting the neighbors in a little kitchen repair.  More two cents from me and much less action.

Learning more than ever about Linux and audio recording.  The elder child is getting into Linux and audio recording with his electric uke and amp.

Building a closed BPM/ERM project with others.  Its a concept vs practice exercise.

Getting ready for winter.  Snow arrives early.  Hahahahah

Epson scanner 3590 and Linux

Have an older model Epson Perfection 3590 Photo scanner and needed to get it working with Xubuntu 13.04.

  1. Find and download the file “esfw52.bin,” This can be found on your windows XP install of the epson scanner software, otherwise google is your friend.
  2. Save the file to your /etc/sane.d/ folder as esfwbin52.bin
  3. Add to the /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf file the following lines.
    1. firmware /etc/sane.d/esfw52.bin
    2. /dev/scanner0 bus=usb
    3. usb 0x04b8 0×0122
    4. save and exit
  4. load all the sane extras using apt-get
  5. Edit the file /etc/sane.d/dll.conf
    1. Comment out all lines except the snapscan.conf
    2. The system doesn’t need to waste time or resources looking for your one scanner.
    3. save and exit
  6. That should be it.  You can reboot if you want.
  7. Plug in and turn on your scanner.
  8. run from the CLI:  scanimage -T

This took a while to find the instructions that did not involved going to old Epson or Epkowa sites in Japan and recompiling old drivers.  This works for Ubuntu 13.04 and Xubuntu 13.04.

DIY HD Antenna

We don’t have cable and we don’t have cell phones to boot, but that is another story.  We do have a tv with an over-the-air antenna.  During the winter months, my wife made friends with a family from out of town.  Well, they’re from Peru and Cuba, by way of New Jersey, so currently adjusting to life on the east side of Cleveland, OH. Continue reading

Saturday — sometime in July 2012

Hot, humid, and a chance of thunderstorm, so once more outside prepping the firepit for my sons’ D&D hot dog dinner. There is so going to be a fire tonight rain or dark. It’s been a busy week with the launch of a new intranet site, lots of function tweaks and css repair, so it was a nice break to come home and read that the Lenovo Ideapad K1 has finally received the ICS update so promised by Lenovo. Continue reading

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